Majestic Transportation NWA LLC Disclaimer & Payment-Rental Agreement:

All deposits are non-refundable. After deposit-payment has been received, no refunds are given for cancellations. If canceled more than 30 days from the event date a credit in the amount of the deposit will be issued for a future date. 30 to 15 days prior to the event a refund or credit shall not be issued. 15 days prior to the event, the customer will be responsible for full payment, unless the vehicle can be re-booked for the same scheduled day. The remainder of the balance will be charged to customers credit card 24 hours prior to event, unless arrangements have been made for driver to collect at arrival. PAYMENT OF DEPOSIT MEANS YOU AGREE TO ALL TERMS IN THIS CONTRACT AND ACT AS A SIGNED CONTRACT. ALSO, USE OF OUR SERVICE WITHOUT A DEPOSIT (CORPORATE ACCOUNTS) YOU ALSO AGREE TO THE TERM OF IN THIS CONTRACT AND USE OF SERVICE ACT AS A SIGNED CONTRACT.

Receiving credit card information by any method such as telephone, cell, fax, email or in person denotes a commitment to purchase rental vehicle and authorization to charge the credit card. Regardless of payment method, all vehicles require a valid credit card on file in case of overtime, overcapacity, or incidentals.

Should you either request additional hours or go overtime, you agree to have the set amount, in increments of one-hour blocks, charged to your credit card on file. If more guests are present than the vehicle is equipped to carry, a secondary vehicle, if one is available, will be sent for the additional passengers and you will be billed accordingly. At the end of the service, all damage caused to the vehicle by any passengers will be assessed and billed to the booking party (See breakdown below)

The booking party acknowledges that payment, in any form, is acceptable to these terms, conditions and disclaimers. The booking party also accepts responsibility to inform all passengers of the same and to enforce all terms and disclaimers. It is recommended that the booking party inform all passengers to read and acknowledge this disclaimer prior to boarding the rental vehicle.

Majestic Transportation NWA LLC reserves the right to terminate this rental agreement for noncompliance with the regulations. And in the event of any violations, our chauffeur will immediately terminate his/her service and all passengers will be dropped off at the initial pickup point. In the event of any termination of the rental, the total contract price will be charged. 

In the event that any vehicle in our fleet might have a mechanical breakdown, Majestic Transportation NWA LLC will make every effort to complete the event or run by repairing said vehicle or replacing the vehicle with another vehicle should one be available. Replacement vehicle may be an upgrade or downgrade in this event.  Majestic Transportation NWA LLC will allow extra time on the run if possible. Our only discount will be equal to 15% of the total price of the run. If we are not able to finish the event due to mechanical breakdown you will only be charged for the hours that were provided before the breakdown.

If we change this Agreement, we shall include it on all future reservation confirmations sent and shall automatically replace the terms of this Agreement. Your continued use of the Services following Majestic Transportation NWA LLC posting of a revised Agreement will constitute your acceptance of the revised Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement or any revised version of this Agreement, do not continue to use the services. Signed contracts will be grandfathered and not subject to new terms and conditions revisions. New contracts will be subject to the latest terms and conditions and sent with every reservation confirmation.

Additional Policies

This Agreement incorporates by reference the following policies and documents.

To make your time with Majestic Transportation NWA LLC an enjoyable one, we ask for your cooperation with the following:


Majestic Transportation NWA LLC will strictly enforce State and Federal Laws and will maintain a zero-tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person not of legal (21) drinking age. No person shall bring contraband or illegal substances aboard vehicles that are owned or operated by Majestic Transportation NWA LLC Person(s) under the age of 21 is/are prohibited from consuming any type of alcoholic beverages.

Chauffeur has every right to search the bags inside the vehicle for illegal substances at any time. If the Chauffeur finds any illegal substance, we reserve the right to terminate the contract at that moment and it will be the client’s responsibility to make his/her own transportation arrangements at that point. Majestic Transportation NWA LLC will never leave minors stranded and the vehicle will wait onsite until all minors are pick-up by their parent(s), legal guardian and/or responsible party (adult). The full amount of the reservation will be billed, plus any additional applicable wait time charges; absolutely no refunds will be issued.

Majestic Transportation NWA LLC prohibits travel on unpaved roads. At no time will the Chauffeur operate vehicle on any type of dirt, gravel or any other type of unpaved road. Chauffeur has ultimate authority of where he/she drives the vehicle, dangerous and or roads that are too small to navigate can and will be avoided depending on the type of the vehicle. The rules cannot be modified, if a pickup or drop off location is inaccessible by paved roads it is the customer’s responsibility to get to and from the vehicle listed on the contract.


Majestic Transportation NWA LLC will not be responsible for injuries that may occur due to horse playing while the vehicle is in motion or at a standstill. Majestic Transportation NWA LLC will not be responsible for any belongings left while the client is in or out of the vehicle. The purchaser of the contract is responsible for his or her guests. Upon determination that any of the above policies were violated, Majestic Transportation NWA LLC may terminate service to the client and shall be deemed to have fulfilled its contractual obligations to the client under the agreement.


$ 500.00 minimum per damaged seat

$ 200.00 minimum per damaged carpet (Stains, gum etc.)

$ 200.00 minimum for extensive cleanup (spills, etc.)

$ 250.00 minimum shampoo and disinfecting (due to sickness interior)

$ 150.00 detailing and wax (due to sickness-exterior)

$ 500.00 minimum for each burn hole, rip or tear to upholstery

$ 500.00 minimum for each act of vandalism

$ 250.00 minimum for removal of trash from septic tank (bottles, cans, etc.)

$ 300.00 per incident of smoking inside of the vehicle, ride will be terminated after second incident. (Smoking will not be tolerated)

It is important to remember that inciting others to cause damage to the vehicle will result in charges for the damage’s that occurs. Example yelling insults at pedestrians from the vehicle, any damage caused by the other party will be your responsibility. This is not an exclusive list; any and all damages caused to the vehicle and or including loss of revenues for downtime during repairs can and will be charged to the credit card used to book this service. If there is not enough room on the credit card to satisfy the damages Majestic Transportation NWA LLC reserves the right to file a suit in County, Arkansas to recover the losses.


Majestic Transportation NWA LLC cannot guarantee the availability of overtime on hourly rentals. It is of particular importance that the purchaser makes allowances for anticipated delays and adheres to the agreed time schedule. If the purchaser wants to change the time of the itinerary, they may do so, only if Majestic Transportation NWA LLC can accommodate other clients that booked with Majestic Transportation NWA LLC prior to or after the said time. If applicable, the purchaser further agrees to pay additional charges incurred such as overtime, tolls, parking etc. The purchaser authorizes Majestic Transportation NWA LLC to charge any additional charges or fees on the purchaser’s credit card on file or direct bill account.

Majestic Transportation NWA LLC guarantees that all our vehicles are constantly checked to keep the highest possible standards. Majestic Transportation NWA LLC agrees to send the requested vehicle as offered in the contract. We have the right to upgrade the vehicles or switch the vehicles in case of emergency breakdown or if vehicles were in accidents. As stated, this will only happen in case of emergencies. No additional charges will occur on the customer side if an upgrade is made without customer request. If switching occurs in the same category, or upgrades are made, it will not affect the contract and/or payment of contract. Customer therefore accepts that replacement vehicle may be substituted if contracted vehicle becomes unavailable for any reason. If any of our above guarantees or contractual terms cannot be met due to conditions outside of our control, including weather, accidents, storms and any other circumstance, including, but not limited to, traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, etc., we will use reasonable efforts to notify the customer of these conditions and resulting delays or changes.

Disputing Charges / Terminated Rides

If a customer disputes a charge by Majestic Transportation NWA LLC with his/her credit card company, a $25 fee per disputed charge will be charged to the customer if it is determined Majestic Transportation NWA LLC is in the correct and has provided both parties with proper documentation. If it is determined Majestic Transportation NWA LLC is in the wrong, the $25 fee will be dismissed. Any disputes the credit card company favors on the side of Majestic Transportation NWA LLC are subject to the $25.00 fee per disputed item and it will be billed to the customer’s credit card on file or invoiced if it is a direct bill account. In the event of a ride termination due to prohibited actions & behavior described in this agreement, the customer agrees to forfeit his/her right to dispute the charges via their credit card company.